When you need an experienced professional to resolve sensitive employee issues, Puiggari and Associates Consulting Services can help.

Whether you are dealing with charges of sexual harassment, discrimination complaints, retaliation, misconduct, or other work place complaints or grievances, a third-party investigator provides an objective viewpoint. Puiggari and Associates Consulting Services are available on-demand to perform a complete investigation of sensitive workplace situations. We investigate, document, and determine the best course of action to provide a complete detailed report which enables your organization to ascertain the best course of action.

Employees are filing workplace discrimination and retaliation complaints in record numbers. Thorough and impartial investigation demonstrates the exercise of reasonable care to prevent and correct inappropriate workplace conduct consistent with the affirmative defense recognized in the Supreme Courts Faragher and Ellerth decisions. A good faith, unbiased analysis of the available facts and credibility assessment is the expectation of employees and the courts.

Increasingly, employers must engage in internal investigations to address alleged improprieties. A thorough impartial investigation provides individual participants with the opportunity to he heard by an independent third party. Employees also expect employers to investigate in response to complaints and this can de-escalate emotionally charged situations while creating comprehensive documentation to support the appropriate corrective action.

Puiggari and Associates Consulting Services works with you to assess the issues, identify the risks and develop an approach to ensure a prompt and lawful investigation.

Post Investigation Consulting-Often, knowing the facts, once they are established is not enough. Your relationship with Puiggari and Associates Consulting Services continues and we are available to assist with the post investigation analysis and resolution.

Puiggari and Associates Consulting Services also provides expert witness services.